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May 6, 2006
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Daisy Mae Flower Brushes by mandy71480 Daisy Mae Flower Brushes by mandy71480
Please let me know if you get any use out of these, they are my first brush set, so I am learning! Thanks!
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love your brushes.
Their VERY cute for your FIRST brush set - Im impressed!
Love them!! Thanks a ton!
I lub them! Great job for it being your first set, I would have never known.
Thank you. I will use them for my next project and I will credit too. <3
i love all the hand drawn stuff you have. great for scrapbooking! thanks so much!
Thanks! I need to do some more, I've been slack lately. Any ideas?
NinaValentina Jul 31, 2006
I love all of your brushes, they are just so wonderful. Thank you very much Mandy. Is it too much to ask as how you get that dirt edge on the preview above and the sanded down bground? I am sorry if it's too much to ask. I only do graphics for personal use I don't do it for profit or any other reason apart that I am just learning and really love it. I have another question while I am on the roll? If it's too much of me asking the above, could you give me a link to a tutorial? I have searched but most of those Scrapbooking Sites have mediocre Tutorials or you have to join and I have no desire as they all seem to be to bitchy. They also don't have tutorials on how to make these kind of Bgrounds it's a secret I quess. I appologise again for asking too much.
Thank you Mandy for all your lovely brushes they are my favourites.

Nina :mangapunksai:
Hey Nina! Thanks for the compliments! I wish I could help you with the tutorial links, but I rarely use tutorials myself. I usually just "wing it" and hope my experiments come out looking half decent. You could just experiment using different brushes at different opacities to get the look you desire. There are actually some really good tutorials on DeviantART that may help you. I'm sorry I don't have more to offer than that!! You might try [link] they have some free downloads there and a message board that may be able to help :)
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